behind the brand

the sōlo story

Alicia Superina, Founder of sōlo the staple

sōlo really came about through necessity.

 I love reformer Pilates and the effect that these disciplines have on body and mind. However, what I didn’t love was my activewear for Pilates: leggings designed for running, sports bra and a tank top that always got in the way. I was constantly tucking in or readjusting. There was a disconnect between how Pilates made me feel and what I was wearing.

your body should be a silhouette, so that its form and shape can be observed and corrected.

I started to research activewear and found three products designed specifically for Pilates. So, I bought all three, and this is where my activewear obsession for Pilates really began. The first item of clothing was too thin: the fabric didn’t hold my body shape. The second one was too restrictive: it dug in at various places and was uncomfortable. The third one had too much ‘side-boob’: it wasn’t cut properly.

To solve all these issues, I decided to design and create my own Pilates bodysuit, one that would feel incredible, fit beautifully and look amazing – creating a silhouette to flaunt. It would be the ultimate one-piece: sōlo, the one you would always use: the staple.

And now here I am, after two years of research, designing and sourcing incredible fabrics and discovering just how much work goes into creating the perfect pieces and brand. sōlo was launched on Valentine’s Day 2020. I chose this day to launch because self-love is so important – and perhaps because I love what I have created. I really hope you feel the same.

Alicia Superina