5 Alternate Classes to Your Standard Pilates

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5 Alternate Classes to Your Standard Pilates

Pilates is one amazing way to work out your core, booty, stability and overall body. But who wants to do the same class over and over? Not us! And it turns out that many women feel the same way. So, what's next in Pilates? What's the move or machine we just had to try? See our top five to try before heading back to your standard reformer or mat class. Are you ready?

  1. Bungee – Probably the newest trend to hit the fitness scene, these classes are the closest thing you'll get to taking that leap without needing to strap yourself in for an 80m plummet. You'll work out with a short spring-like rope attached between you and the ceiling. The result? It lets you move around in fun new ways, with added support and extra spring to your hop! Think Pilates meets Cirque du Soleil (and you’ve seen how toned they are!). It’s going to challenge you with push ups, squats and lunging. Recently, S3 Studio, known for their Pilates and Barre classes, established a new premise in Melbourne offering bungee classes – see it for yourself at @s3_studio.
  2. Barre – Barre is a combination of dance (mostly ballet) and Pilates that gives a real cardio workout. With an instructor guiding you along, you sure can work up a sweat while you dance and move to some cool music. Inspired by traditional ballet moves, this will appeal to anyone wanting a high cardio workout but without the repetitive action like running on a treadmill.
  3. Springboard – These classes are a little bit of an inbetweener occupying the middle ground between traditional mat Pilates class and reformer class. Utilizing springs attached to a board that is fixed on a wall (vertically), participants use the resistance of the springs against their arms and feet. You will be lying down at times, standing or doing squats to get that heart rate up, all whilst focusing on your stability. No-one said getting that booty toned would be easy!
  4. Wunda Chair – The Wunda Chair is a simple device found in Pilates studios. It can best be described as a box with a bar on one side which includes springs for resistance, as well as two arm supports that raise vertically. The Wunda Chair can be used for repeated step ups, leg presses, calf raises and more. If you want a killer leg and ab routine, these seemingly innocent boxes will be quite a challenge! Like many things in fitness, it’s what you make of it; settings and routines can be adjusted to suit your skill and ability.
  5. Cadillacs – This is one you might never have heard of, but definitely seen tackled on Instagram. These devices are like a simple bed with a box metal frame above them which includes various loops/ropes to make unique set ups. You will need an instructor’s assistance to use a Cadillac. The idea is that you are in either 1-to-1 with a trainer or in very small (3-4) group situations. This way you can get the added attention required for a more complex setup and better focus on your specific needs.

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